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Membership is open to all Nigerian Catholics of Igbo descent and to others who share our Roman Catholic faith and beliefs and who respect and appreciate our determination to celebrate the Holy Mass in our native language, Igbo.  To be considered an active member family and to derive the fraternal benefits accompanying such membership, a family shall attend Mass regularly and participate in NICC-sponsored activities. 

New Renewal
Family Name:
Husbands Name:
Husband Birthdate:
Wife Name:
Wife Birthdate:
Other Adult Living With You (e.g Parents - optional)
Adult Name 1:
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Adult Name 2:
Birthdate 2:
Children Information
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Child 2:
Child Birthdate 2:
Child 3:
Child Birthdate 3:
Child 4:
Child Birthdate 4:
Child 5:
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Other Information
Present Parish:
Newly Arrived:
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Are Children Fluent in Igbo:
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Do You Wish to Volunteer:
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Membership Card will be issued once a nominal fee ($10.00) per family is recieved by NICC.



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